Been spammed by

If you have received spam e-mail purporting to come from, rest assured that it was not sent by me at all. Recently, I have been the victim of several “Joe Job” attacks.

A "Joe Job" is e-mail spamming in which the spammer uses an existing domain name (in my case then fakes an e-mail address (such as "", which does not actually exist) and uses it in the "From" field of the spam e-mails. Thus the spam appears to come from the legitimate domain. This is done primarily to conceal the spammer's identity but additionally (and fortunately more rarely) to deliberately discredit the hi-jacked domain.

Please be assured that I never send bulk e-mails and most certainly do not send spam e-mails. If you have received unsolicited, spam e-mail appearing to come from please accept my apologies for the nuisance which is beyond my control.

All instances of "Joe Jobs" brought to my attention are actively investigated via SpamCop. You can help by forwarding a copy of the e-mail to me at, but before doing so please make sure your e-mail client is showing all headers. This is very important. It's not possible to give general instructions for how to do this as the procedure depends on your e-mail client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Pegasus Mail etc) so either use your client's "Help" pages, use Google or e-mail me for the help you need.