Business and Personal E-mail

Many small businesses use their Internet Service Provider's e-mail address, or one from the many free Web-based providers. Not only does this look unprofessional, but these companies add their own advertising or tag-line to your e-mails. Stuart Hatch can provide e-mail facilities for you which, though not free, are comprehensive.

Why have your own e-mail address? Firstly, your e-mail address is one of your own devising and immediately marks you out as an individual, rather than one amongst many thousands of customers of a large Internet Service Provider (ISP). It advertises your business every time you use it, not someone else.

Secondly, your own e-mail address is portable and independent of your ISP. Should the ISP cease trading or you decide to transfer to another one, your address goes with you. No need to advise all your contacts of a new address.

Thirdly, it guarantees you a Web presence. Even if you do not want a Website at the moment your domain name is reserved until you are ready. With our package you get a single page display anyway, included in the price.

So what are the prices? It depends on your choice:

For or or I charge £15 per year.

For .com or .net or .org or .info or .biz or .name I charge £25 per year (overseas customers US$50).

For or or or I charge £35 per year (overseas customers US$70).

For or I charge £45 per year.

Other country-specific domains, e.g. or, are available by negotiation as are speciality domains e.g. .tv or .ws.

The package I provide includes

  • Domain name registration. Realistically, many domain names are already registered. For example,,,, and are not now available. I will advise on alternatives e.g.
  • Domain name hosting - I give your domain name a home on the Internet.
  • Internet space for storing your e-mail.
  • Access to your e-mail facilities on the Web using your Web browser.
  • Instructions for setting up Thunderbird (an Open Source, free e-mail client), Outlook or Outlook Express so you can download your e-mail to your PC rather than leaving it on the Internet.
  • A single page on the Web - your world-wide advertisement 24/7/365. This can be expanded to a full Website using my low-cost package when you are ready - and I will deduct the price you paid for your e-mail package, up to a maximum of £35!
  • My personal attention. I want to be recommended to your friends and family!

For more details or to request a personal quotation, please contact me.